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How to Prevent Common Causes of Electrical Fires in Temecula, CA; Space Heater Outlet Fire & More

Each and every year residential fires occur all across the country. There are many different reasons that residential fires occur. The U.S. Fire Administration reports that one of the causes for residential fires are caused by electrical issues. In 83% of residential building electrical fires the fire occurs in one- and two-family dwellings. The most common month for this type of fire to occur is January. This is because the weather outside is colder and more people are using heating appliances. Sentry Electric wants to make sure that your home does not burst into flames during winter or any other time. In an effort to prevent this from happening we are going to discuss the most common causes of electrical fires so that you know what to watch out for.

Space Heater Outlet Fire

One of the most frequent causes of home fires is space heaters. When the weather outside is cold many people use spaces heaters to help keep their home warm. The concern with space heaters is that people do not use them properly. Space heaters need to be used away from flammable items, carpet, clothes, and furniture. They should also only be used when you are in the room that it is operating in. If you are careful with your space heater you can avoid an electrical fire.

Electrical Wall Outlet Caught Fire

Another common cause of electrical fires is faulty electrical outlets. Over time electrical outlets start to wear down. Wires loosen and can eventually break the longer they are used. If these wires break it will cause an electrical fire. You will want to look for signs that your outlets need to be replaced. One warning sign is that your cords will not stay in the outlet. Another sign is that you cannot even get the cord to plug into the outlet anymore. Other times the outlet does not consistently work. If you are experiencing any of these signs Sentry Electric can come out and help you replace the outlet before you end up with an electrical fire or other issues.

Electrical Outlet Fire with Old Appliance Plugged In

Next up on the list of common causes of electrical fires is old appliances. Many times old appliances still work just fine so we do not pay that much attention to them. You will want to check out the cords on older appliances periodically though. If these cords start to fray or become loose it could cause an electrical fire. If this happens you will want to consider replacing the appliance.

Overloading Electrical Circuit

Last up on our list of electrical fire causes is overloading an outlet or power strip. In an effort to get all of your appliances and gadgets plugged in, many of us use power strips. Using a power strip is not an issue as long as you do not overload it. Many people make the mistake of not thinking about the need for the power strip to be able to withstand the amount of energy that you are plugging into it. Be careful not to plug in too much to one power strip. You may want to consider having Sentry Electric add some additional electrical outlets to your home to help solve this problem.

Emergency Electrical Repair & More in Wildomar, Rainbow, Murrieta, Temecula, California

Sentry Electric hopes you learned about some ways that you can prevent an electrical fire from happening in your home. If you are not sure if the electrical outlets and cords in your home are safe give Sentry Electric a call. We can help answer any questions that you may have.

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