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Holiday Lighting Decorations

Always buy your electrical lighting from a reputable retailer. Make sure that the lights that you are purchasing have a ‘tested for safety’ marking or branding on the side of the box. Look for certification marks such as CSA, ETL, UL or any other nationally approved laboratory. LED lights are a great option for exterior lighting as they use less energy, run cooler and last longer than the standard incandescent lightbulbs you may be used to. Before you buy any lights from the store, be sure to inspect them for broken or malfunctioned bulbs. Planting outdoor lights and decorations is not as simple as just plugging them in! First you have to make sure that any lights that are to be used outdoors are plugged into a ground-fault circuit interrupter in order to reduce the risk of electrical shock to anybody in the area. This is a must for electrical safety. You pick up a Portable GFCI from any electrical supply store. Make sure that all the lights and decorations are firmly secured to solid structures to prevent damage caused by the high winds we often experience in the Temecula area. If you are placing different colored and scented candles for your holiday decorations, make sure that they are away from any combustible or flammable material such as plastics or fabrics. Instead of using regular wax candles (which could be a hazard), choose instead battery-operated candles which are much safer.